Handy-Dandy Stat Tracker

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Spell Points
Welcome to the Monopoly Quest Stat Tracker. You can use the buttons to increase or decrease numbers as necessary. If you need an explanation of any of the stats, simply click on their names.
Strength improves your effectiveness in duels. When you roll in a duel, add 2 to the roll for each Strength point you have.
Magic improves your spells in unique and different ways. Check your spell cards to see how it affects the spells you have.
Speed improves the rate at which you go around the board. Each time you roll the dice to move, add 1 to the total for each Speed point you have.
Business improves your ability to make money and secure properties. Each time you pass GO, collect an additional M20 for each Business point you have. The purchase price for all properties is also reduced by M20 for each Business point you have.
Spell Points are the fuel of spells. To cast a spell, you must expend 1 Spell Point. When you pass Free Parking, you gain 2 Spell Points.
You have unlocked a new ability by investing 5 points in the same stat.
Strength Ability
Win double the money from Duels.
Magic Ability
When you gain this ability, draw a spell.
Speed Ability
When you land on a Station, you may go directly to any space on the board.
Business Ability
You may build houses on your poperties regardless of whether you own the full set.