Hello all. Here's a brief blog update.

Today (or, well, now yesterday) was Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Presents livestream was very good. I am pleased that the leaks about Unova or Johto games were wrong. It was very nice to have something not predicted by leaks. A lovely surprise indeed.

Though I've not been playing it, I've been listening to a lot of the Splatoon 3: Side Order OST. Splatoon music always goes hard, but man, this is another level. And I'm a big fan of dedf1sh too. It's cool that the game properly commits to them being non-binary, cause that's not something that gets represented properly nearly enough.

Also, here's some blondies I made last weekend: Recipe is here.

Lastly, university is going pretty ok. I've just got to wade through the end of term turmoil induced by having two big programming courseworks to do now. Then, on the other side, all that awaits me is the further despair of revision. Such is university indeed... See you in the next blog post.

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Today has been a very good day for me, mostly on the merit of the fact that I finally managed to move all of my Pokémon off of my DS and onto my Switch. This is very important to me because I have a lot of fond memories of playing Pokémon when I was younger. I poured hours and hours into it, and being able to transfer that to the newer games is simply wonderful.

In case, by chance, anyone else reading this has a 3DS with custom firmware and is receiving error code 006-1608 when trying to use Pokémon Bank, here's how I solved the problem: Open FBI and check the tickets for your system's titles. Look for these tickets:
  • 0004000E000C9B00
  • 00040000000C9B00
  • 0004000D000C9B00
Delete any that are red (which in my case, was the third one), since these tickets are not being used by the system. You should only have two tickets left: one for Pokémon Bank, and one for its update data, and both of them should be green. This should fix the issue.

Me and my babies having a picnic together:

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