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Hello! It has been a hot minute since the last post. You've got my university's bloody exam season to thank for that... Revision is plentiful and difficult, but I'm surviving. I get a week or so of respite now, which is pleasant.

My last post was just after my birthday. I've not been up to too much since then, really. I did mention I had acquired a loaf tin, which I've put to good use by making a lemon drizzle cake. It's a non-stick tin too, so it came out of the tin like a charm!

You can find the recipe in the recipe repository, which I've updated to include links to every bake I've posted on the blog and a link to their respective recipes. Huzzah!

Now that I'm back at university, though, I've started going to card games on a Thursday. It's very fun! The people there are nice, which is good because I was quite scared about going since I didn't know anyone. Last week I played three games, winning one, which I was very pleased with. I've not had times to make any deck modifications though due to exams, so I'm heading back in tomorrow with my un-modified copy of the Gonti precon from Outlaws at Thunder Junction.

I do, however, plan to make a new deck at some point using Myrkul, Lord of Bones. I unpacked him from a booster of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate I opened recently. It was a lovely surprise, since he's my favourite god of the Forgotten Realms. And it was even more of a surprise to see he's in the top 100 commanders on EDHREC! A card that I liked being good? Preposterous!

Anyways, that's all. I'm signing off for now. See you in the enxt instance.

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getting into MTG

Hello all. A brief update for you as to what I've been up to.

The holidays from university have been going well. I've had lots of opportunities to catch up with friends from home, which has been nice. Though, a lot of it has been spent merely doing work, which sucks, but it's whatever. It's what I'm paying for, after all.

Most excitingly, I've finished Rise of Tiamat. Lyle has served me very well, and I'm glad to see them finish their adventure and get an opportunity to rest. The only issue is that now I crave more D&D... Hopefully we'll have another game up and running soon.

I've been spending the rest of my spare time looking into Magic: The Gathering. I've wanted to get into it for a good while now, but I kept forgetting to. One of my friends that I live with is also investigating it currently, so I am too.

I was very quickly drawn in by the existance of the Lord of the Rings set. The cards are all so cool and so flavourful. My favourite is easily Saruman of Many Colours. His mill/steal based effect is so flvaourful. It is just like how he destroys all of the natural resources of Isengard for his own use.

I very much look forward to my birthday on Sunday, for hopefully then I shall receive some cards, which is a most exciting prospect. I look forward to getting a chance to play the game.

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hyped for A.B.A

Salutations, fair readers. I'm here for a brief post because earlier today A.B.A was announced to be coming to Guilty Gear Strive. If you know me, you'll know this has me very excited. I always thought A.B.A was an awesome caharacter that had loads of potential if they wanted to bring her back, but I didn't know if it would actually happen. Lo and behold, Daisuke has gifted us our favourite little freak, complete with a lovely new makeover.

I think she looks so cool. Her hair being the colour of oxidised copper implying that her hair in Isuka and XXAC+R was orange because it was copper that hadn't oxidised yet is brilliant. She is also teeming with Fullmetal Alchemist vibes. Being a homunculus is one thing, but Paracelsus literally opening The Gate and her clother having "HOHENHEIM" written all over them is another thing. I'm such a fan. She's so expressive as well, which makes her seem really funny. And the cherry on top is how they're really leaning in to the fact that Paracelsus is a demon. I like his goopy black mode, and I especially like his red creature form during Law Is Key, Key Is King.

Also, I'm very excited for her theme. Symphony sounds amazing, as we've come to expect from NAOKI!

That's all for today. The rest of life is going pretty alright, so I don't have much to talk about other than this. I'm so very hyped! A.B.A, less than a week away!

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in Oxford

Hello, readers. This month has been going pretty alright. I went on a day trip to Oxford recently which was quite nice, and definitely a highlight of recent times. A friend of mine was in a play which I went to see, and it was very good. I didn't manage to get any spectacular photos, so here's an average one I took of the river, and one of a beautiful painting in G&D's:

Also, while I was there, my friend and I made white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. (Recipe is by iconic Mary Berry, and can be found here.) We also used his bread machine to make chocolate bread. It was certainly an unusual beast to say the least. It was surprisingly like normal bread, only truly tasting like chocolate when proper chunks were in your bite. I didn't think to take photos before they had begun being devoured, but here they are nonetheless:

Another bake of mine recently is classic scones. I made a batch for Mother's day to make a cream tea in a box. Recipe is, again, Mary Berry's, which you can find here.

In the gaming department, I've been playing a lot of my new copy of Splatoon 3, which is a game I've been meaning to get for absolutely ages. Found it in the local CEX for £30 and thought "why the hell not". It's as spectacular as I expected. I'll be representing Team Keyboard in next weekend's Splatfest, so watch out!

That's about the highlights of my life since last update. I don't have much to say right now, cause I'm quite tired. Thankfully, it's the end of term now, so I'll be heading home soon for a much needed break... If you can even call it that, because I've got 5 exams to revise for and 2 programming courseworks to do. It's whatever. I'll hold out, because I always do. See you then.

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Oh, also, look at this gigantic cobblestone monolith I've been working on in me and my friends' Minecraft server.

Don't mind the cows.

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Hello all. Here's a brief blog update.

Today (or, well, now yesterday) was Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Presents livestream was very good. I am pleased that the leaks about Unova or Johto games were wrong. It was very nice to have something not predicted by leaks. A lovely surprise indeed.

Though I've not been playing it, I've been listening to a lot of the Splatoon 3: Side Order OST. Splatoon music always goes hard, but man, this is another level. And I'm a big fan of dedf1sh too. It's cool that the game properly commits to them being non-binary, cause that's not something that gets represented properly nearly enough.

Also, here's some blondies I made last weekend: Recipe is here.

Lastly, university is going pretty ok. I've just got to wade through the end of term turmoil induced by having two big programming courseworks to do now. Then, on the other side, all that awaits me is the further despair of revision. Such is university indeed... See you in the next blog post.

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Finally finished


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Me and my friends are doing a Bad Apple jigsaw, send help


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Today has been a very good day for me, mostly on the merit of the fact that I finally managed to move all of my Pokémon off of my DS and onto my Switch. This is very important to me because I have a lot of fond memories of playing Pokémon when I was younger. I poured hours and hours into it, and being able to transfer that to the newer games is simply wonderful.

In case, by chance, anyone else reading this has a 3DS with custom firmware and is receiving error code 006-1608 when trying to use Pokémon Bank, here's how I solved the problem: Open FBI and check the tickets for your system's titles. Look for these tickets:
  • 0004000E000C9B00
  • 00040000000C9B00
  • 0004000D000C9B00
Delete any that are red (which in my case, was the third one), since these tickets are not being used by the system. You should only have two tickets left: one for Pokémon Bank, and one for its update data, and both of them should be green. This should fix the issue.

Me and my babies having a picnic together:

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I don't know how I just posted about Minecraft without mentioning my beloved pet, Mr. Sniffington. Here he is:

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After a few weeks I'm returning to my Minecraft server with my friends. I'm in a pretty decent position currently, with half a stack of diamonds and a quarter of a stack of blocks of iron, though I'd like more diamonds so I can duplicate my smithing templates for armour trims and netherite gear.

Here's my house:

If I make any significant milestones, I might make a few more posts about what I'm up to.

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Been playing a lot of Barony with my friends today. We got the 4-pack in the summer sale and I've been having a blast. My plan for tomorrow is to trawl through my Steam inventory and sell things on the community market to make a few pounds so I can get myself the DLC that lets you be a skeleton.

I like roguelikes a lot, so this one's one of my favourites on the merit of being able to enjoy it with my friends. I also just really like the classical RPG systems it has, and the voxel graphics. It's a really great package.

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Beautiful Faust Art!!!

I recently commissioned Laurie to draw a Faust icon for me, and oh my goodness did they do a great job!

You can find the picture also posted to his Twitter, here.

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