at the National Museum of Computing

Salutaitons, all. Things have been quite well recently. My birthday was on Sunday, which was very nice. My mum made a smashing cake and I got some cool stuff. A new bag, and also some MTG cards to start my collection (currently having a lot of fun, looking to build an Elminster commander deck), as well as a loaf tin, which I will be baking many a cake in I've no doubt.

The day before, though, I had a most splendid outing to the National Museum of Computing. I had been to Bletchley Park a few years ago, and it was good, but this was even better. There was lots about the wartime computing, and it was more detailed than that in Bletchley Park. There were working replicas of several machines, and it was wonderful to learn many a fact about them.

What I was really there for, though, was the retro computers. And boy were they plentiful. It was quite astonishing how big they were. The disk drives were comparable to that of two ovens adjoined to each other. Astonishing! I also got to play some of an old text-based adventure game named Colossal Cave. It was very cool to see an old era game!

There were also some very good demos for the retro side of things. There was a working phone server that you could see dial, and also an old computer that let you take a selfie with a grainy 90s webcam. It was so good!


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in Oxford

Hello, readers. This month has been going pretty alright. I went on a day trip to Oxford recently which was quite nice, and definitely a highlight of recent times. A friend of mine was in a play which I went to see, and it was very good. I didn't manage to get any spectacular photos, so here's an average one I took of the river, and one of a beautiful painting in G&D's:

Also, while I was there, my friend and I made white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. (Recipe is by iconic Mary Berry, and can be found here.) We also used his bread machine to make chocolate bread. It was certainly an unusual beast to say the least. It was surprisingly like normal bread, only truly tasting like chocolate when proper chunks were in your bite. I didn't think to take photos before they had begun being devoured, but here they are nonetheless:

Another bake of mine recently is classic scones. I made a batch for Mother's day to make a cream tea in a box. Recipe is, again, Mary Berry's, which you can find here.

In the gaming department, I've been playing a lot of my new copy of Splatoon 3, which is a game I've been meaning to get for absolutely ages. Found it in the local CEX for £30 and thought "why the hell not". It's as spectacular as I expected. I'll be representing Team Keyboard in next weekend's Splatfest, so watch out!

That's about the highlights of my life since last update. I don't have much to say right now, cause I'm quite tired. Thankfully, it's the end of term now, so I'll be heading home soon for a much needed break... If you can even call it that, because I've got 5 exams to revise for and 2 programming courseworks to do. It's whatever. I'll hold out, because I always do. See you then.

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at Hawes Viaduct


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at Aysgarth Falls

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